Battle Bay Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Pearls, Gold

How does it feel like being a navy person and fighting on the ships? It’s great and even greater with the battle bay mod apk that gives you unlimited money and power to fight against your enemy to beat them.

Battle bay is a game that gives you a whole feel of the navy. You own the ships and the weapons and fight against your opponent. Either you will win, or you will sink.

This game is not like traditional fighting games, and it has something different to offer you. A whole different experience where you fight on the ships.

Additional Information

GameBattle Bay Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Pearls, Gold, Shot Speed and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Size284 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkBattle Bay

About Battle Bay Mod Apk

The game is versatile and different from traditional action games. So, let’s discuss the battle bay mod apk.


The story of the game is very simple. You have to rule the waters. You won the ships and have the best weapons with you. From the arsenal of the weapons, equip yourself with the most advanced weapons.

Enhance your power and fight with your opponent to beat them. The game gives your different options. You can play 5v5 tournaments and 1v1 battles.

You can create your tournament with your friends. Also, you can make a guild for yourself and play along with your friends as you do in the smashy road 2 mod apk. As a guild, you have to fight and improve overall guild rankings. 

There are different missions in the game that you must complete to earn the rewards. With these rewards, you can upgrade yourself. 

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics of this game are very popular and high quality. The sound effects are real fighting sounds. Especially the sound effects of the shots.

The animations look realistic and have a high texture. There are no pixelated pictures—overall 10/10 for the graphics.

battle bay mod apk


As the game is unique, it has unique features as well. The battle bay mod apk enhances some features, but the basic features, even without modifications, are

1- Have Your Ship

You have to create your ship to fight your enemies. As it is the fight on the water, ships are more important. There are different ships in the game, and each has its abilities and powers.

You have to unlock these ships. A speeder ship is fast and moves quickly. Enforcer ship has more options, and it is versatile. The defender is tank-like and protects from enemy attacks. Finally, fixer ships help your partners.

Along with that, keep upgrading your ship to make it more advanced and powerful. It will be easier to beat your opponent then.

2- Collect Weapons

There are several weapons in the game. All of them are different and have unique features. So, select the most destructive weapon to increase your power. 

Weapons are important for attack and defense. So first, enhance your weapons by unlocking the special items. Then, with the help of weapons, protect your team from sinking.

3- TeamUp

You can join a friend’s guild, or you can create your guild. The purpose of the guild is to create your team. Your guild will fight the other guild.

So, if your guild is stronger, it will be at the other guild and rank higher on the leaderboard.

4- Complete Missions

There are different daily missions in the game that you have to complete to win the rewards in terms of pearls and gold. You can use them to increase your fighting abilities and upgrade your items.

5- Unlock Quests

There are different quests in the game that can give you rewards. You can earn gold and sugar. Also, you can sometimes have good loot from the quests. You can even get pearls and special items. Try to participate in the events to win more quests.

6- Unique Characters

As mentioned earlier, the game’s graphics are stunning, and so are the characters’ designs. All the characters in the game are unique and highly appealing to the eyes.

7- Have your Battles

You can create your 5v5 tournament and 1v1 battles. Invite ten players and make two teams to play 5v5. Other layers can be the spectator in your room.


The game is not presented to you the same it is. We have modified it to give you unlimited pearls, gold and shot speed. The modifications in the game are

1- Battle Bay Mod Apk Unlimited Pearls 

Pearl is the main game currency in the battle bay. It is necessary for unlocking different ships, getting advanced weapons and purchasing different items from the store.

Pearl is the primary currency. However, it’s very hard to get. You will rarely get the pearls from the quests, but it is very necessary to unlock the premium items.

Keeping an eye on the slow gain of pearls, we have modified the game to give you unlimited pearls in the battle bay mod apk. You can use these pearls to unlock and purchase any premium thing you want and get battle bay’s best weapon.

2- Unlimited Gold

Gold is another game currency. It is not the primary game currency but the secondary game currency. However, it is also required for upgrading ships’ weapons and unlocking different characters.

In the battle bay mod apk, you will get the battle bay best ship with this gold. You will have unlimited resources, so you don’t face any difficulty during the game. 

3- High Shot Speed

Shot speed is very necessary to beat your enemy and kill them. Otherwise, your guild will sink, and you will lose the game. Unfortunately, the shot speed that you get in the normal version is quite slow. 

However, we have increased the shot speed in the battle bay hack apk. You can easily beat the opponent with that. Moreover, it gives your weapons some extra power.

4- No Ads 

Don’t worry about the 30 seconds pause in the game and the distracting ads. The ad code is removed from the game. So, there will be no video or banner ads during the game.

5- Auto-Updateable Mod 

Don’t worry about downloading the game again on the next update for the mod features. The game will update itself, having all the mod features in it as well.

Battle Bay (Gameplay Android)

Download Battle Bay Mod Apk

Most of the mod apk are not trustable as they can have the virus. However, our Extreme Apk Protect team has checked the modded file and uploaded it for you.

Also, the developer team has ensured that the game is running smoothly without crashing like in the tacticool mod apk. 

So, download the battle bay mod apk instead of the normal play store version to get many different premium features for free.

You will get these unlimited resources for free without paying. So, download now.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How To Install Battle Bay Mod Apk

Installing the battle bay is quite easy. Follow this

  • Step 1: Uninstall the previous battle bay apk.
  • Step 2: Download the new apk from our website.
  • Step 3: Run it and grant all the permissions.
  • Step 4: Great. The game is installed.

Final Verdict

Pearls are very hard to obtain. Rarely you will get them from the quests. So, your problem is solved in the battle bay mod apk where you can easily get unlimited pearls, gold and other resources.

So, why prefer the normal version over the mod version? Download the modded version and use it, and if you face any issues, report them to us.


1- How popular is Battle Bay?

Ans: It has over 10 million installs and is ranked 140th by usage.

2- How do you download Battle Bay on PC?

Ans: First of all, download the Nox emulator and install it. Then download the modded version from our website and load it in the Nox emulator to install. After that, you can play it on pc.

3- Is Battle Bay a good game?

Ans:  The idea of the game is overall unique with stunning graphics and gameplay. So, overall it is a good game to play. 


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