Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Money, Stars

People want to feel the thrill of battle and strategy. A game is nothing but a form of art and entertainment. Here you can download Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk Unlimited Stars.

We are sure you have heard of many games like this one. And you also want to play the game on your mobile device. But we are afraid you may not get any game that is similar to the game. Let’s say the game is the most popular one you can download for your Android device.

This is the most popular strategy game in the world. If you want to download the mod, do not hesitate. Today we will introduce you to the Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk. This is a popular game.

So if you want to download the program, follow these steps. Firstly, search Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk on the Google Play store. Then install the app. Also, give your all to unlock the premium mod pack. After that, enjoy this game by downloading Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk.

Additional Information

GameBattle of Polytopia Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Stars, Tribes and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperMidjiwan AB
Size73 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google PlayThe Battle of Polytopia

About Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk

Battle Of Polytopia is a real-time strategy game. In this game, you will have to build your city. You will get different resources as you build it. Your main task is to develop your city and win battles against the enemy.

In this game, you will fight against various monsters, dragons, and other creatures. It would help if you built various facilities like castles, towers, and palaces.

In addition, you can explore the map and get various resources to upgrade your weapons. These include swords, spears, axes, bows, and many more.

In Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk, you can also collect coins as rewards from battles. You can use these coins to upgrade your soldiers, and you can also use them to buy powerful weapons and armor.

Also, you can upgrade your city with the help of money. You will need to collect gold coins in battles. You can do this by fighting with the enemies.


Apk Features

Several Tribes

The world of Polytopia is a fantasy world packed with different tribes of people living in harmony. The players are the leaders of each tribe, and they need to fight against their opponents to gain supremacy. This is a fun and exciting battle game you can play on your Android phone.

The world of Polytopia is filled with animals and humans. You can play various modes and battle against the different tribes of animals and humans. The rules of fighting are very simple. You can easily defeat your opponent in this game. If you face an enemy stronger than you, you can easily defeat him using your special skills.

To beat enemies and win, you must combine different attacks. By making this combination of attacks, you can easily win the game.

Automatically Generated Maps

The map generator in the game automatically generates maps for the Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk Unlimited Stars. This means that players can easily play any map they want without hassle.

With automatic map generation, players can play different types of maps and even create their own maps and compete on them. If you are looking for a fascinating battle between dragons and want to embark on a journey, then you can do that with this game. You can also create your own map and play on it whenever you want.

Multiplayer Mode

One of the most appealing aspects of this game is its multiplayer mode. You and your friends can play and battle in multiplayer mode using your device. This game was developed on the Android platform, but it has also come up with its first mobile game. In Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk, you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode. This game is the most impressive game ever as it has many new features.

You can also fight against your opponents and win the match as a winner. You can easily win the match in this game as it is very simple to play. This game is amazing to play.


Apk Modifications

Unique Tribes Unlocked

In the original version, you have to unlock the first two tribes. But in the Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk, you can explore the entire map. Also, you can upgrade to more advanced units and vehicles.

But for that, you need to have the resources. Every time you upgrade your units and vehicles, you must invest resources. So, it would help if you explored the map to unlock all the units and vehicles. This is a rare opportunity for you.

Characters Unlocked

The first thing is that you have to be the boss of the whole world. You have to be the head of the world. The more you advance, the stronger your power becomes. So, to achieve the same, you will need more experience. In this battle of polytopic mod apk, you get many characters that help you progress towards achieving the ultimate goal of being the most powerful.

Unlimited Stars

The battle of polytopic is an entertaining game. It’s a strategy-based game that requires the use of many resources. If you don’t have enough resources, it may become impossible for you to survive against your enemies. Therefore, it is mandatory to get unlimited stars.

When you play Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk Unlimited Stars, you will be in a situation where you have to kill your opponent’s fighters to win. Therefore, you can’t complete your task if you don’t have enough resources. To overcome this problem, download this amazing mod version of the game.

The Battle of Polytopia (Gameplay Android)

How to Download Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk

There are many online multiplayer games, and some are better than others. With Battle Of Polytopia Mod Apk, we are bringing a revolution to the multiplayer gaming world. It gives you fresh and exciting gameplay and allows you to play together with your friends or family members. This game also has all the features of an online game. The game offers different modes, maps, and many levels and quests to be played.

Click the download button to get the game and enjoy the battle.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How to Install Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk

It is a simple process. Just follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Set settings and allow the third party to install the games.
  • Step 2: Download the file from our website.
  • Step 3: Tap the download button and save it.
  • Step 4: Install the downloaded file.

Enjoy the game!


Battle of Polytopia is a very popular and addictive game where you must fight for survival in a war-torn city. You have to use your strategy to defeat your opponents. And at the end of the match, you will receive a reward according to your performance.

In this game, the players have to build their cities. And the coolest thing is that you can enjoy the game without a reliable internet connection. We have provided you with the most immersive and thrilling gaming experience. You can enjoy playing with your friends and family and win a lot of rewards.


Is Polytopia a worthwhile game?

Battle Of Polytopia is a modded version of an excellent online multiplayer strategy game called Polytopia. It has 100 levels and 10 different factions to play with. You can participate in various multiplayer battles, earn rewards, and upgrade your skills to improve your rank and unlock new features.

What do temples do in Polytopia?

The temples in Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk allow you to use an item (generally a weapon) and upgrade it. Each temple has unique weapons, which you can only upgrade by collecting the corresponding materials.

Temples are very significant because once you build one, you can no longer collect the materials needed to build the next one. Hence, it would help if you plan your attack wisely.

Is The Battle of Polytopia offline?

No, the Battle of Polytopia mod apk is not available.

What's New

  • New characters are added.
  • All bugs fixed.
  • Updated events are added.
  • New game style.
  • New interface.

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