Board Kings Mod APK Download 2022 Unlimited Rolls, Everything

Board kings is a unique online multiplayer game where you can roll dice to earn coins and gems, which you can use to build your board. With the board kings mod apk, the game has become a lot easier for you as you will get unlimited things in this mod apk without any interruption.

So, you can enjoy unlimited power in the game, and you can dominate it. You can invite your friends and family members to play with you in your free time via an internet connection. This board king’s hack app will let you have all the premium features without even paying for them.

Additional Information

GameBoard Kings Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Rolls, Unique Boards and Unlocked Everything
Size147 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkTransformers: Forged To Fight

Features of Board Kings Mod APK

There are a lot of features available in this mod apk. A lot of the features are already available in the Playstore version. But some features are only available in the premium version, for which you had to purchase the game. However, with this board kings mod apk, you will get many premium features for free. The features in the mod apk are

1- Have Your Board

When you play with a friend and loot their board, you can use the gems and coins to build your board. But you are not alone in the loot. There will be a lot of thieves around your boards. So, you have to protect your board. You can do so by having police cars around your board for protection from loot.

2- Build a Unique Board

You can loot your friend’s board to steal coins, and you can use them to build your unique board. As you will have unlimited rolls, you can have as many coins as you want. So you can purchase board kings landmark with those coins to make your board look more stunning. Eiffel tower is one of the board kings best landmarks. 

Along with that, there will be different board kings board themes that you can purchase to give your board a unique look. Keep upgrading the board with time, and your difficulty will also keep increasing. With board kings freerolls, you can purchase unlimited landmarks, themes, dice and melodies to make your board more appealing. If you want any other casual game, I will recommend you to try the minion rush mod apk.

3- Build Your Game

The game has such a framework that you have to roll the dice to get the coins, from which you can build your board. As you keep building the board, your game will develop and enhance too. With the board kings mod on our website, you will get unlimited rolls, which means you have unlimited coins. 

So, it will be a lot easier for you to build your boards and enhance your game than the other players. You will have a lot of coins to place the police around your board and protect that. So, as you keep doing that, you will start achieving higher ranks in the game and become a pro player.

board kings mod apk

4- Steal From Friends Board

You can steal the goodies from your friend’s board and destroy them. It is an online multiplayer game. So, you can play the game against your friends and family members. You can connect the game with your friend via board kings friend codes. After connecting with friends, you can visit their board to steal goodies. 

Also, you can invite your friends to play the game with you. For each referral through board kings buddy codes, you will earn more goodies.

5- Unlimited Everything

With the board king mod apk, you will have unlimited everything. You will have unlimited rolls, coins and gems. But, even in in-app purchases, you will not get unlimited rolls. So, it makes the game a lot easier for you.

Board Kings Unlimited Rolls

Dice rolls have the ultimate power in the game. With the dice rolls, you can get many coins and gems that you can use to build your board. Although you can win the coins by looting your friend’s board, that will be limited. 

For ultimate dominance, you have to rely on the coins from the dice rolls. Normally you get the dice rolls on an hourly basis, and you can win special gifts in the game. But the coins from that will not be enough, and you have to purchase more by paying real money to build your board.

In the mod apk, you will get the board kings unlimited rolls by which you can have unlimited coins to build your special board. You will get more coins from board king cheat rolls than from the app purchase. Our developer team has modified the game in such a way to have the ultimate power to the player. 

No Ads

Ads are very disturbing. So, in this board kings mod apk, the ad code is removed by the developer team. You will not see ads anymore, and you don’t have to pay for that even. You will get that 100% free.

Board Kings Gameplay

Board kings is a very simplistic game. You roll the dice to win the gems and the coins and build your unique board. Your board can have great themes, landmarks, and many other things. You can earn money from your board as well. Also, you can travel to your friend’s board, and you can steal their coins to build your board.

There are several different boards that you can keep unlocking. So, with earning the new coins, try to unlock the game boards as your game will develop a lot due to this. Also, in every season, you will have a complete sticker set that you have to complete. These are the game tasks that you get like in the wildscapes mod apk.

You get the daily lucky spin wheel. So, don’t forget to spin that daily to earn the rewards. You can create your city with the received rewards. You can upgrade the boards’ section as well to level up your game.

Download Board Kings Mod APK

The apk file is modified by our team to enhance the player capabilities and have the unlimited game currency. The modified game is available on our website and has no board kings glitch. It is running smoothly on the smartphone. You can download and test it, and if you face any issues, you can let us know.

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Board Kings Cheat Codes

You can cheat the board king easily as well. Apart from the mod apk, you can also use some codes in the mod apk to win the game easily. As soon as you put the code in the mod apk, you will win the game automatically. The board kings cheat codes are

  1. 095669729 198606562
  2. 399668227 069255441
  3. 772414515 023423258
  4. 178713135 759989048
  5. 947997542 102293369
  6. 239468217 915997526
  7. 032069700 690191459
  8. 268928801 952020020
  9. 456562777 897560025
  10. 265896900 178713135
  11. 759989048 773850783
  12. 796793401 930662808
  13. 177052523 216972823
  14. 225767806 225767508
  15. 541085489 538585438
  16. 067023269 668974106
  17. 316331521 746271221
  18. 900837096 162169786
  19. 234102269 902954304
  20. 646711231 772961536
  21. 950517755 516590640
  22. 188213279 033569118
  23. 418352670 231605372
  24. 032069700 690191459
  25. 268928801 952020020
  26. 897560025 265896900
  27. 210095002 457049772
  28. 476159010 947997542
  29. 773850783 035497751
  30. 721714980 843373597
  31. 219658470 715974653
  32. 860079867 216225443
  33. 584215469 123528763
  34. 480339728 207208798
  35. 035497751 721714980
  36. 095669729 436664115
  37. 209190660 399668227
  38. 677159466 629908520
  39. 022969120 239468217
  40. 436664115 209190660
  41. 210095002 457049772
  42. 599230080 646044143
  43. 793124931 476159010
  44. 403459072 022969120
  45. 418352670 231605372

How To Install Board Kings Mod Apk

  • Step 1: Click on the download button to download the board kings mod.
  • Step 2: Now touch onboard King downloaded file to install it.
  • Step 3: The smartphone will ask for some permission—Grant all the permissions.
  • Step 4: The game is installed. Enjoy!

Bottom Line

Board kings is a very stress-reducing game that you must try. Its mod apk on our website will even give you ultimate powers to play the game. Our team modifies the game, and it is 100% genuine and virus-free. You can download the game and enjoy unlimited rolls.


1- How to hack board kings?

Ans: There are many ways to hack the board kings. You can download the board’s kings hack apk to have unlimited rolls. You can also put the cheat codes to win the game automatically.

2- How do I protect my board on board kings?

Ans: You can protect your board on board kings by deploying more police around your board. For that, you have to upgrade the police station.

3- What is the point of board kings?

Ans: The point of the board king is to develop your board and upgrade your game by looting your friend’s board for the goodies and rolling dice to win more gems and coins.

4- Can you play board kings on PC?

Ans: Yes, you can play board kings on PC by installing emulators like Nox, KOplayer, or Blurstacks. Windows 11 users can play it without the emulator as well.

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