Category: Adventure

Adventure games are very child-friendly. They attract children more, unlike the role-playing games or the strategy games that attract adults. There are hundreds of adventure games available on the playstore that your child might be playing.

Most of the time, children want to purchase premium items. Because developers always promote in-app purchases. So, the purchases can reach thousands of dollars, which is not a good thing at all. We are providing the modded version of all the adventure games. If your child insists you purchase some items from the adventure game, then download the mod of that game from our website.

You will get all the premium resources for free. Adventure games are freestyle games. Although the adventure games also contain the missions that you have to compete and win the rewards. But more than the missions, it is its gameplay that is fun.

No doubt that adventure games are story-driven. Adventure games do not mean that you are doing nothing in the game. It is a proceeding story that continues. Sometimes the story may be fiction, or sometimes it can resemble a book or a movie. The Ice age adventure game is based on the story of the ice age movie.

Also, sometimes there is only one story proceeding in the adventure games, and sometimes there can be multiple stories at the same time proceeding. Characters are also powerful in the game and contribute to the story. Heroes and Villains are decided based on the movie or the book on which the story is based.

Adventure games are very helpful for the children. They are just like cartoons. So, if your child is addicted to the games, then go for the modded adventure games that are good for children. If you need a mod of any other adventure game, you can request that as well.