Category: Simulation

Simulation means putting yourself in a situation in which you would not have otherwise. Most people want to put themselves in the position of others like a policeman, firefighters, and many others. They might not belong to this profession in their daily life, but they want to experience how it feels like being that.

In that case, simulation games are best for you. There are hundreds of simulation games on the playstore that you can play. Each game will put you in a different situation. So, whatever you want to try, like a policeman, ruler, doctor, or anything, you can download the desired game.

These games always put you in a challenging situation to give you a feel or pressure of reality or even more. You may find it challenging to cope with the stress or handle it. You can’t play the game properly, or you will start losing the game from your opponent.

That is why you need a modified version of the simulated games to have unlimited capabilities and powers. They can help you in dealing with situations better, and you can beat the opponent quickly.

It boosts your morale and helps you to win the game easily. On our website, you will find the mods for most of the simulation games. All those simulation games that are available on the playstore are modified by us.
Most people do not find simulation games fascinating as they already know it’s fake. It is like pretending. But still, people love these games. You can act for a whole different life in these games.

There are two types of simulation games. Some simulation games just put you in a situation for a particular thing. For example, you want to go to the gym. So you can have a simulation-based Gym game, in which you can have a feel of the gym etc. And in some games, you have to live a whole life. Then you can decide the activities and things you want to do in life to live happily.