Covet Fashion Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Cash, Diamonds

Are you a fashion lover and want to dress up in the best outfit? Then this Covet Fashion Mod Apk is for you. You can enjoy shopping and fashion in this game while competing with the other players. So, the better you dress, the easier you can compete with the others.

Covet fashion hack apk will help you a lot in this regard. You can get unlimited cash, diamonds, and other stuff for free that you can use to purchase the best items for fashion and beat the others.

Additional Information

GameCovet Fashion Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Cash And Diamonds and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperCrowdstar Inc
Size87 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkCovet Fashion – Dress Up Game

About Covet Fashion Mod Apk

The game is quite simple, and specifically designed for fashion lovers. Let’s discuss a few things about them.


The story of the game is a lot simpler. The game is specifically made for fashion lovers and those who want to get the imaginary feel of being dressed up. There are items from the different brands in the game.

The items that are available in the game are available in the store of the brand that you can also purchase. Using these items, you have to use your fashion sense to dress up the queen as best as possible. With that, you will compete with the others, and you have to stand out when it comes to fashion.

Also, if you are going to purchase the items from the stores and try to combine them before purchasing them in real life, you can do that in the game. If you love fashion games, you must also try the board kings mod apk.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics are fine in the game. The items are animated beautifully. The character animation is also the best. So, you will get the feel of real fashion, and it will not seem vague.

The sound used is suitable for the game. They are not shrill, but slow songs are there in the game. So, overall sound quality is fine.

covet fashion mod apk


Now, discuss some features of the game that you will also get in the normal version. These features make the game stand out from the other games. Although some features are modified in the covet fashion apk mod, that we will discuss later

1- Get New Styles

The items available in the game are from different brands. Items from 175 brands are available in the game. The brands include the giants like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe etc.

The items used from these brands are the real items that are available in the stores as well.

2- Dress the Best Style

There are different outfits available in the game. From thousands of outfits, choose the best one for yourself that suits you best. To make your model look more special, you can test out different makeups and the game’s styles.

Your focus should be to dress up the best and win the competition.

3- Vote for the Best

Hundreds of participants are there in the Covet Fashion Scene. They participate in a fashion competition. So, you can choose the best one and vote for that. The most voted will win the competition.

4- Multiplayer

You can play along with your friends, and you can create your own fashion house. Also, you can get remarks about your outfit from your friends. So, you can improve your dressing.


The game itself is amazing. However, we have not presented the game the way it is. Rather we have done some modifications to give you the covet fashion mod apk, which is more valuable.

The modifications in the covet fashion hack apk are

1- Covet Fashion Unlimited Cash And Diamonds Apk 

Cash and diamonds are very important in the game as they are the game currency. So, we have provided you with unlimited cash and diamonds in the covet fashion mod apk. 

Cash and diamonds are required to purchase different items. As mentioned earlier, you have to get the best items and dress up the best to beat the other. So, the better items you have, the better you can dress up.

Most dressing items are locked in the game, and they require cash and diamonds for unlocking. You don’t have sufficient cash and diamonds for unlocking these fashion items. So, it becomes difficult for you to beat others. 

So, download the covet fashion mod apk unlimited cash and diamonds to get the premium perks for free like you get in the wildscapes mod apk.

2- All Premium features for Free

Along with what you can purchase with cash and diamonds, there are some premium items in the game. Unfortunately, you cannot unlock them with the game currency. Rather, they require payment in dollars on the official Google Play store to unlock the items. 

We have unlocked all these premium items for free. You can get these features for free.

3- All Levels Unlocked

There are different levels in the game. As you continue playing, different levels will start unlocking. At higher levels, you get comparatively huge rewards. However, the unlocking is quite slow.

So, enjoy all the levels pre-unlocked in the covet fashion mod apk.

4- No Ads

As the Covet fashion apk is modified, you will no longer see the ads in the game, and they are not required. So, no further distraction is in your way.

5- Auto-Updateable Mod

The game is modified, but it has the auto-update capability. You can update the game without losing the mod features. However, if you face any difficulty, report to us, and we will update the version.

Covet Fashion (Gameplay Android)

Download Covet Fashion Mod APK

Enjoy the covet fashion apk mod with a lot more features than the normal version of the game. In addition, the modded version of the game is 100% virus-free and tested by our Extreme APK Protect Team.

So, without any doubt, download the covet fashion mod apk now by clicking on the download button. 

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How To Install Covet Fashion Mod Apk

Follow these steps to install the game

  • Step 1: Download the modded game from our website
  • Step 2: Run the downloaded file.
  • Step 3: Grant all the permission it asks for while installing.
  • Step 4: Enjoy.

Final Verdict

Covet fashion mod apk gives you unlimited cash and diamonds that you can use to purchase the best available items. You can outrank the other players, and it will be easy for you to beat them. Otherwise, it will take you at least one year to dominate the game. 

So, download the modded version instead of a normal one and report to us if you encounter any issues.


1- How to earn money on Covet Fashion?

Ans: There are different tasks that you can complete to earn money. You can also watch the ads to earn the rewards and get the money.

2- How to hack Covet fashion?

Ans: Either you must be a developer to understand the code and then modify it to hack it. Or you can download our covet fashion mod apk for unlimited features.

3- How to unlock everything on Covet fashion?

Ans: To unlock everything on Covet Fashion, you need to download the covet fashion apk mod from our website, which will give you unlimited money, cash, diamonds, items, purchases, and everything is unlocked.

4- Can I play Covet Fashion on my computer?

Ans: Yes. Download any emulator like the Nox, KOPlayer, or Bluestacks. Then download the game in the emulator and install it. Then you can play it on a PC.

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