Game of Sultans Mod APK Download 2022 Unlock Diamonds, Coins

Everyone wants to experience a sultan’s life, which is impossible in today’s world, but now the wait is over. Suppose you want to experience the life of a sultan. In that case, you should play the game of sultans in which you will be able to fight battles, earn money, and diamonds, and create armies and castles. The most interesting thing is that the game of sultans mod APK gives you the chance to get unlimited money, coins, diamonds, and everything for an upgrade. 

Players can enjoy the real life of the Sultan by ruling the empire. Conquering the human world and fighting battles is how the game is maintained, and developers promote in-app purchases.

As you advance in the game, you must maintain military strategies, political up-downs, and country affairs, including the army, battles, castles, etc. Hence, you need unlimited money for all this. Otherwise, it would be a lot more complicated.

Additional Information

GameGame of Sultans Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Diamonds, Coins, Gems and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperMechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
Size69 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkGame of Sultans

Features for Game of Sultans Mod APK

Game of sultans mod APK consists of all the features of the previous free version on the play store. Some advanced features indirectly help tackle many complicated situations. 

And for this reason, you were supposed to make an in-app purchase for these advanced premium features before. Still, now in Modified APK, you can enjoy these features for free. The following are features:

  • Build and control your empire: After becoming SultanSultan, you can rule the empire in your ways. All military, political, and social issues will be under your command. You will be able to make diplomatic relations and law and order according to your own choice.
  • Design your wardrobe: You can design and expand your wardrobe by earning money after completing tasks. Mod APK gives you a chance to earn unlimited coins, which will help to expand your wardrobe.
  • Recruiting of the army: Another important feature is that you can recruit an army according to your standards and build castles with the army’s help to avoid the attack of the enemies.
  • Making companions: You will be able to experience the life of the Sultan. Like reality, you can make companions and give them commands against your enemies to win the war.
  • Design: Game’s Graphics are designed in such a beautiful 3D version that it seems so real.

Graphics and Sound

Most importantly, the game’s graphics are so high and are designed in a beautiful 3D resolution that everything seems so real. The developer team of the game is highly experienced, and you can contact them anytime if you face any issues related to the game.

Everything in the game is structured and managed, like sounds, graphics, resolution, characters, and even tasks that will develop your interest and make you feel comfortable while playing. 


Game of Sultans Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds

Now, the wait is over because our developer team has modified the game. You will be able to earn unlimited diamonds, which will help you unlock many new levels. You can also expand your wardrobe in the Sultan the game APK. 

The standard version of the game on the play store gives you limited coins and diamonds. It would be a lot more complicated because, in the standard version, you earn a limited amount of diamonds or coins after completing many tasks. They are never enough to unlock a new level or to upgrade the wardrobe just like. 

In-Game of sultans mod APK, you will have unlimited coins and diamonds like in the hero wars mod apk. So, you can use these diamonds or coins to unlock any level and upgrade your army, empire, or wardrobe. You can conquer the world, can make companions, and much more.

No Ads

Another important announcement to make is that there will be No ads while playing the game to distract you. A lot of in-video ads also caused a distraction. They irritate the user very much and also divert the user’s attention. 

To get rid of this problem, you have to make the in-app purchase of Game of Sultans APK from the developers. Because of the efforts made by our developers, the ad code is successfully removed from the game. Hence, you can enjoy playing a game with all concentration without any distractions.

Game of Sultan Gameplay

As the name shows, this game is based on the real life of the Sultan and will let its players experience and enjoy the life of the Sultan. You can easily download the game and play it. 

This game shows the golden age of the Ottoman Empire, and you can play as the SultanSultan or sultana. You are supposed to fight different battles, conquer many areas, and rule the empire. 

You can also expand wardrobes and make companions, but for all this, you need gold, coins, or money, which you can earn by completing different tasks. 

As you proceed in the game, you will get to know the complications of managing the country, conquering the world, recruiting the army, and dealing with diplomatic relations and battles. 

With the help of unlimited money or diamonds, you will be able to manage the country well. Unlimited money will also help in battles, wars, and conquering the world just like in the bit heroes mod apk.

There are many special and interesting events in the game that will boost your interest. Like the interaction of the Sultan with the pets, romantic harem life, raising of heirs, etc. Still, for all these events, you need coins that you can earn by completing different tasks. The more coins, the more completion of tasks, and more events unlocked. 

It is not a competition-based game; it is about the real-life story of sultans and Sultanas. You can design your fortress, can recruit an army, can expand your wardrobe by buying new dresses, can make companions, and can rule your empire according to your own choice.

You being a sultan, can also get relaxed in the game after a long-ruling day by heading toward your favorite pets. Hence it’s the best relaxing game and seems so real.

Download Game of Sultans Mod APK

The modified version of the sultans game is available on our website modified by our developer team for our users. You can download the sultan game manager hacked by clicking on the download button at the top. The game has a lot of features. The best thing is that game does not break and runs smoothly.

The game is 100% safe. No virus at all. The file is first tested by our team and then we upload it. So, without any doubt, just download the game by clicking on the download button.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How to install Game of Sultans Mod Apk

You can easily download the sultan game APK by following the several steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the Game of Sultans download button to download its mod.
  • Step 2: Touch on the downloaded file to install.
  • Step 3: Grant all the permissions for the third party to install the game.
  • Step 4: Enjoy!


Q: Is it safe to download the Modified version of Game of Sultan?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to download the modified version of Game of Sultan.

Q: Can we change the design of our fortress?

Ans: Yes, because of some upgrades, we can design our fortress. We can change the color and size of our fortress according to our own choice.

Q: Is it possible to increase the level of our army?

Ans: Yes, after defeating another sultan or winning the battle, an option will appear to increase the army or not. Hence, you can increase the level of your army with a tiny amount of money.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants to enjoy the life of the Sultan. Still, the limited money or coins will be the hurdle because you have to wait a lot to upgrade your capabilities. 

Like other mods, the sultans mod APK comes with unlimited coins, gold, diamonds, and money. It will help you expand your wardrobe and empire and help you conquer the world. 

The mod version of this game lets you make unlimited allies and get everything free. An important announcement is that all bugs are fixed, and there are no in-video ads to interrupt or distract the player. 

So, go ahead and download the game and enjoy all the premium features.

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