Horrorfield Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Money, Gold

Horrorfield is about survival and escapes from scary ghosts and serial killers. It is a survival game that is all about survival. It is a real-time game, and you have to play the game with your friends online. The game is scary, and if you get caught by serial killers, they will kill you in no time. You have to survive all by yourself, and the Horrorfield Mod Apk helps you greatly by providing you with unlimited abilities.

Additional Information

GameHorrorfield Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gold, Characters and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperInc, Skytec Games
Size124 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkHorrorfield

About the Horrorfield Mod Apk

The theme of the game is survival. You play as a team and your friends, but it is up to you how you can survive and run away from the deadly serial killers. The game is very realistic and gives you complete control. 

You play as a team of 7 survivors. Each has a different profession. So, they have different abilities and roles.


You can play the game both as the survivor and the hunter. However, most people prefer being survivors. There are 7 different professions from which you can choose one to be as a survivor. They will have their specialized abilities like the Basketball Player can run faster than others.

Further, you can select from the 4 different hunters. Mostly, people prefer the butcher to a hunter. You have to combine yourself with the other players in the Horrorfield multiplayer horror and make a professional team for survival. There is no shelter to hide and seek. Rather, run away as far as possible. Explore the abandoned horrorfield places, and survive and run away from the wild serial killers. The story is different compared to other action games like transformers forged to fight mod apk.

Graphics and Sounds

The game’s graphics are of high quality, but they are very deadly. When you play the game, you get a real feeling of being in a haunted house. The graphic textures are very realistic. Also, the sound effects used in the game are quite frightening. Proper Horror Music, screams, and different sound effects are used.

horrorfield apk mod

Features of Horrorfield Mod Apk

The game is very diverse. Although we have modified the game and added more features in the horrorfield mod apk, even the features in the normal version are quite enough. 

The game is diverse, so it will get difficult to list all the features. But some of the features without modifications are

1- 7 Survivors

There are 7 different survivors in the game. You can choose any one from them, and you will get a different set of roles and abilities. The different survivors in the game and their abilities are

I. Doctor

The doctor, as a survivor, will heal himself and the other members of the team. So, you can live a little longer with more stealth.

II. Engineer

The engineer will repair the generator and the weapons. Weapons will let you defend yourself while the generator will clear your way and open the main gate for you.

III. Basketball Player

As a Basketball player, you can run away faster from the deadly serial killers compared to others. However, its team contribution is very low.

IV. Mercenary

Fight with courage against the psychos and never get afraid of them.

V. Thief

The thief has more stealth and abilities to survive.

VI. Police Officer

A police officer can catch these psycho killers.

VII. Scientist

Scientists can help to develop advanced weapons that will help in survival.

2- 4 Psychos

There are four different psychos in the game as well. You can choose one like yourself to hunt the victims. However, the four different psychos with their abilities are

I. Ghost

Ghosts can pass through every material object, scaring the victims more.

II. Cultist

The cultist is a mental psycho who is determined to kill the survivors.

III. Butcher

Butcher destroyed the generator, so the electricity went off. Ultimately, closing the main door permanently prevents the survivors from running away.

IV. Beast

Beast is the blood-thirsty world, aiming to kill the survivors to draw their blood.

3- Realtime Game

The game is a real-time game. When you play as a team of 7 members, you play it with other players online. Even you can play the game with your friends online as well.

4- Play as a Team

Form a team with different members. Each of them will have a special role. Do teamwork and bring collective efforts. Then use the collective efforts to escape from the deadly serial killers finally. 

5- Different Levels and Skills

Like each character having special skills, they get the special leveling up. So, whenever characters perform better, they get to level up which increases their overall performance in the next stage.

6- Crafting System

The game has a crafting system as well. You can craft different items and then upgrade them. However, you will get an unlimited craft system in the Horrorfield Mod Apk. 

7- 4v1 Game Play

The game is designed to have a 4v1 gameplay. It is the 4 survivors vs. the 1 psycho. So, this 4v1 gameplay adds competition to the game.


Although the game itself contains many features, the Horrorfield mod apk has more features than the normal version. It is because some of the features in the game are subjected to a paid subscription. 

But if you download the game from our website, you would not have to pay for the paid features, and you will get them for free. The modifications in the game are

1- Horrorfield Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gold

Our first modification in the game is unlimited money and gold. We have provided you with unlimited money in our mod apk. The game currency lets you do a lot of tasks in the game. So, if you have unlimited money and gold, you will have everything you want for free like in the defender 3 games.

2- All Characters Unlocked

Although there are different characters in the game, they are locked. So, you have to unlock the characters before playing as them. Unlocking is quite slow in the normal game. So, if you download the modded version of the game, you will get all the characters pre-unlocked.

3- Unlimited Upgrades

The game comes with unlimited upgrades as well. So, you can upgrade your character to the next level. You can use the unlimited that you have for this purpose.

4- No Ads

The ad code has been removed from the game. So, you are not going to see the disturbing ads anymore.

5- Auto-Updateable Mod

The mod is auto-updatable for minor updates. However, for major updates, you will lose the mod features.

Horrofield (Gameplay Android)

Download Horrofield Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Download the Horrorfield mod apk now and get unlimited money, gold, and all the characters pre-unlocked. If you download the normal version of the game, you will have to pay developers to get all these features.

So, why not download the mod apk when you can get these features for free. The modded version of the game is tested before providing. It is 100% virus-free and without glitches.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How To Install

Follow these steps to install the game.

  • Step 1: Download the mod apk file from our website.
  • Step 2: Go to the settings in android and grant permission to the third party to install the apps.
  • Step 3: Run the downloaded file.
  • Step 4: Enjoy. The game is installed.

Final Verdict

Horrorfield mod apk gives you paid features for free and increases your abilities. The modded version is free from viruses and runs perfectly. So, instead of preferring the normal game application, download the modded version and enjoy the premium perks for free.


1- How do I download Horrorfield unlimited money?

Ans: To download the Horrorfield unlimited money, download the apk file from our website and install it.

2- How do you unlock characters in Horrorfield?

Ans: You have to upgrade your account level to unlock the characters in the Horrofield. Further, if you use our mod version, you will get all these players pre-unlocked.

3- How do you unlock the Phantom in Horrorfield?

Ans: Once you unlock the Mason skills, you will unlock the phantom skills in the horrorfield.

4- How do you unlock Phil in Horrorfield?

Ans: Reach level 13 to unlock Phil.

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