Iron Blade Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Money, Rubies

Iron blade is a role-playing war game that has all its settings from Europe. You have to develop yourself, upgrade your weapons and your fighting abilities, and fight with others. However, upgrading the capabilities is never easy as it requires ruby and gems. However, with the iron blade mod apk, you have unlimited game money.

You can spend this money to upgrade your weapons, and your abilities and purchase different items. Upgrades will also give you an edge against the PvP multiplayer. You can compete with players around the world, and you can beat them.

Additional Information

GameIron Blade Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Rubies, Coins and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperGameloft SE
Size43 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkIron Blade: Medieval Legends

Features of Iron Blade Mod Apk

The features are upgraded in the iron blade medieval legends mod compared to the normal apk. Overall the features are

1- Unlimited Money

Money is significant in the game. Since it is a combat game, several different things require money. Your weapons and armor require money to upgrade. Even if you upgrade your skills, you will need money for that. 

There are different game currencies like coins, rubies, etc. Each of them is used to purchase something. That’s why we have provided unlimited game money in the iron blade game so you can dominate your opponent and beat them easily with full power.

You have to participate in different PvP combats that require coins for participation. So unlimited money will fulfill your needs. There are other games with unlimited money as well like azur lane mod apk. You can try this as well.

2- All Levels Pre-Unlocked

As you continue to fight, different levels will start unlocking, and then you can play that level. However, unlocking requires money, and it can take you months to unlock new levels. In the iron blade mod apk, you will get all the levels pre-unlocked.

3- All Premium Features

There are some features in the game that are premium. You cannot unlock them with the game currency, and you have to pay them real money. We have opened all these premium features for you in the modded apk for free.

4- Mod AutoUpdate

The mod file of the game is auto-updateable. So, as soon as the update for the game comes, your game will be automatically uploaded without losing mod features.

5- Unique Battle Style and Strategy

You can create your unique battling style and strategy in the game. There are many monster hunter combos in the game, for which you have to practice the controls. Once your hands are set on it, you can have your battle style.

6- All weapons and armor

As you have to fight in the game, you need special upgraded armor and weapons for yourself. Armour will increase your defense, while the swords will increase your attack abilities. All these items are unlocked in the modded version of the game.

7- Special Skills Unlocked

There are some special skills and combos in the game that you have to unlock. These skills give you the power and a unique battle style. The more skills you have, the more powerful you are. All the skills are unlocked in the iron blade mod apk, which means you can use any skills you like.

iron blade mod apk

Iron Blade Unlimited Money

Rubies and coins are required to upgrade the abilities, unlock the items, purchase special skills and weapons, and many other things. Keep in mind that you will play PvP as well. So, you have to compete with players around the world who have a lot of capabilities. 

Iron blade mod apk gives you power from day one. You can have any advanced weapon you like. You have all the skills. Your character is upgraded, and you have all the premium items. It means you have the power to combat.

You can compete with any opponent either in PvP or PvE

No Ads

There were a lot of ads in the game. To get some rewards, you have to watch the 30-second ads. However, we have unlimited money in the iron blade apk mod, which means we don’t need the ads anymore. 

All the ads are removed from the game, whether they are video ads or banner ads. So, there will be no distractions while playing the game.

Iron Blade Gameplay

Iron blade is a war role-playing game that is full of battles. You have to fight back-to-back battles. For that, you have to build the best weapons for yourself and then continue to build your kingdom. Explore the world in the game, different places, and strongholds.

As you continue to build your kingdom, armies will attack you. You have to take your sword and defend yourself against them. Even your castle is not safe. Different people will betray you. But you have to stay high, handle things, and beat t the opposing armies.

The locations and scenes in the game are original European locations. As you continue to explore the game, you will find beautiful places. There are different war locations in the game. You will come across different players and sites. There will be various dungeons, strongholds, and many other things.

There are deadly combos and skills that you should unlock and use to fight against the opponent. Fight with the weapons and show your devastating skills. Defend the castle. Face different multiplayer around the globe and show your skills to them.

The graphics of the game are fascinating. High texture graphics give you a sensation of real war going on. Nothing is ambiguous. The sounds used in the game fit the situation. The controls of the game are straightforward. Fighting attacks and combos are easy to execute.

Download Iron Blade Mod APK

Iron blade apk is modified to add premium features, unlimited money, and no ads in the game. The expert developer modifies the game, and the code is cross-checked. There is no junk code, and it is 100% safe to download. It is virus code and hacking code free. So, download the Iron Blade Mod APK now.

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How To Install Iron Blade Mod Apk

The iron blade game is easy to install. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Uninstall any previous version of the iron blade game if you have.
  • Step 2: Go to the setting and allow the 3rd party to install the app.
  • Step 3: Now, download the iron blade mod apk file from our website and run it.
  • Step 4: Follow the steps, and the game will get installed.

Bottom Line

If you don’t have time and want to gain the power as early as possible and beat your opponent, then the iron blade mod apk is for you. We have increased the player abilities, for which you have to pay otherwise. You can compete with your opponent without any fear. So, download the game and enjoy full power.


1- Does Iron Blade require the Internet?

Ans: For PvE, you don’t need an internet connection, but for PvP, you need an internet connection.

2- How many GB is the Iron blade?

Ans: Iron blade is a 44 MB game, but there are extra files that you have to download. So, it can reach up to 2GB.

3- Is Iron Blade an open-world game?

Ans: Yes, Iron Blade is an open-world game.

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