Kiss of War Mod APK Download 2022 Unlimited Money, HP

You would have played different strategic shooting games, but the kiss of war is very different from these games, and it is unique. There are only female characters available in the games that are powerful, and you command them. Kiss of war mod apk is even more powerful due to unlimited money and full upgrades.

Every female coming to your troop has her own story behind it. You have to train the powerful troop, and you can make one female leader of it. With that troop, you will fight against all the invaders that are trying to invade your land. You can unite with different troops to achieve peace.

Additional Information

GameKiss of War Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, HP and Unlocked Everything
Size102 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkKiss of War

Features of Kiss of War Mod APK

There are some basic and some enhanced features in this mod apk. The features are

1- Unlimited HP

Whenever you beat your enemy, you get the HP that helps in growing your power. In the kiss of war game, we have modified the HP, and you will get unlimited HP. You can use this HP to achieve different skill powers.

2- Full Defense

Your defense bar will be full in the kiss of war mod apk. No matter which enemy attacks you, you will survive every attack. Increasing defense is never easy in the normal version of the game, and you require a lot of time to achieve that. All your defense is pre-filled in this mod apk.

3- Full Attack

Your attack capabilities will be maximum in this mod apk. Keep in mind that kiss of war is a multiplayer game. So, you face different enemies from all over the globe who have built their attacks well. With the full attack, it will be easy for you to beat them if you face them.

4- Unlimited Money

Money is required in the game for different purchases and upgrades. When you beat the opponent, you earn money as a reward, but it is never enough for the rapid upgrades and more purchases. With this unlimited money, you will get unlimited purchases and upgrades.

5- Different countries

Countries are not limited in the game. It’s up to you to choose the play area of the game. You can play in the US, Russia, France and many other countries. It’s up to you. So before starting, choose the playing area.

6- Different Modes

There are a lot of modes available in the game. You can log in with your Facebook account and play a multiplayer team-up with your friend. If you roam around, you can choose the arcade mode. You can choose the combat mode if you want to fight with an opponent, and you can choose a campaign mode as well, in which a whole campaign story will be there.

7- Different Characters

Kiss of war characters is very famous as they all are females. You will be a commander, so you can choose a female character among different characters who will lead the troops and fight against invaders.

8- Auto Updates

Although apk is modified, you will get the auto-updates from the developer without losing its mod abilities.

kiss of war mod apk

Kiss of War Mod APK Unlimited Money

You cannot fight without weapons, even in the game. More advanced weapons you have, the more dominant you will be to beat your opponent easily. For unlocking advanced weapons, you require money. And later, you have to upgrade these unlocked weapons with more money. 

It is never easy to collect money for unlocking these advanced weapons. You have to keep playing for months, and then you can unlock the advanced weapons. The progress is even slower compared to the megapolis mod apk.

In the kiss of war mod apk, we have modified the money code. You will have unlimited money once you install this modified apk. Then you can use this money to unlock many weapons and upgrade them. Once you have these powers, you can dominate the enemy and beat the invaders easily.

Also, you can upgrade your attack and defense with this money. So, even if you play a multiplayer game, it would be very easy for you to beat others.

No Ads

There were a lot of plausible ads and banner ads that covered the game area. The overall experience gets affected, and not everyone can pay the money to developers for no ads. That’s why we removed ads, and you will see no ads while playing the game. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now.

Kiss of War Gameplay

Kiss of war is a strategic game. You can join hands with different troops to protect your city against the invaders. All the characters are female. You can hire different characters in your troops and then make one female the leader of the troop. You will be the commander of the troops.

There is a system to control and train your troops. You have to make your leadership strengths and train these troops to fight. Give the troops orders and directions for the fight.

Fighting the bot is easy compared to fighting multiplayer. You have to strengthen your troops’ attack and defense so you can fight against the real multiplayer around the globe. So, enhance your power for that.

There are different modes in the game. You can select one of your choices. You can select different countries. Different characters are there for you. So this game gives you complete control.

The graphics of the game are outstanding and up to the mark. The battlefield scenes and cities are real. They are taken from European countries. You will recognize the landmarks in the game and the machinery used. It is because all the things are real and taken from the era of wars. So, the graphics are cool.

The sound effects are good too. Overall the game is one of the best when it comes to strategic fighting. The idea is unique, and the gameplay is stunning.

Download Kiss of War Mod APK

Except for the money code, attack, defense, ads, and HP code, nothing has been modified in this game. So, there is no harm in downloading and installing the game. The experts have modified the game efficiently, and there is no virus or junk code. 

You can cross-check the file on different antivirus before installing it. The code is working fine, and the game is running smoothly. So, download the kiss of war mod apk and enjoy the game.

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How To Install Kiss of War Mod APK

Follow these steps to download and install the kiss of war game. It's simple and there is no need to root your mobile phone

  • Step 1: Uninstall any previous version of this game.
  • Step 2: Go to setting and then app section and allow third parties to install apps.
  • Step 3: Download the modded file from this page.
  • Step 4: Click on the downloaded file to install it.


1- Is Kiss of War on PC?

Ans: Kiss of war is developed for android, but you can play it on PC via an emulator like NOX, or Bluestacks.

2- What can you do in Kiss of War?

Ans: In kiss of war, you can recruit the female characters in your troops. You can fight the invaders to save your city, and you can build your city.

3- Who is the best officer in Kiss of War?

Ans: Katherine is the best officer in the kiss of war.

Bottom Line

Unlimited money gives you a lot of power to dominate. Not only can you beat the invaders easily, but you can also win the multiplayer game as well now. Limited money never enables you to purchase the most advanced weapons. The advanced weapons are costly, and they are to promote in-app purchases. With unlimited money, you will dominate the whole game. 

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