Mafia City Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Money, Coins Gems

Mafia City is a gangster game where you can join the underworld mafia and become the gangster or leader. You will be in a mafia world where you possess power and run illegal businesses. However, survival in the mafia world is nearly impossible without the mafia city mod apk.

Survival is difficult in the mafia city. You have to hire different crew members who work for you and provide protection and money. Also, you have to build the base and different weapons to dominate completely, and it is where the modded mafia becomes handy like the rise of kingdoms mod apk become very useful.

Additional Information

GameMafia City Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Coins, Gems, Health and Unlocked Everything
Size105 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkMafia City

About Mafia City Mod Apk

Now let’s discuss something about the game, its storyline, and what it is based on. Also, we will discuss what you have to do in the game.


Tommy is a taxi driver, and one day the criminals fight with him. He accidentally lands in the mafia world, joining the Salieri family mafia. At first, he finds it difficult to adjust to this mafia world, but he continues to work and gets the money, power, and girls in the mafia world.

All these things were attractive, and Tommy continued to progress in the game. As a player, you join the mafia world, and your goal is to become their leader or Godfather. You have to develop your power by hiring bulkers, modified vehicles, shooters, and bikers. All of these will work for you to earn money and respect for you. There is another game top war mod apk which is like the mafia game and you can try that as well.

Once you gain power, you can have beautiful girls and rob the banks for money. You have to fight with different people to live a luxurious life. Takedown the police as well if they try to prevent the robbery.

Features for Mafia City Mod Apk

It gives you a lot more features compared to the normal game. The features of mafia city hack are

1- Unlimited Gold

Gold is the money of the game. It is required to unlock anything in the game. If you want to recruit someone or want to purchase some weapons, gold is required. However, in the mafia city mod apk, you will get unlimited gold to play with.

2- Unlimited Weapons

Weapons are required for your defense and to increase your power. It is not easy to acquire weapons in the game as weapons are the power in the game. The game is modified to have unlimited weapons as you start playing the game. 

3- Your Base

The base is necessary for the mafia. Especially when you are operating your gang, then it is your station from where you act. It takes time to establish your base, but it is pre-established in the modded mafia city. 

It acts as both your defense system and operational center both.

4- Unlimited Vehicles

Vehicles are required for transportation and use. As you are a mafia, vehicles are the obvious thing that you need for our expansion. You have to pay money to unlock all the vehicles in the mafia city. 

In the mafia city mod apk, we have pre-unlocked all the vehicles available in the game. So, you can have every vehicle and as many as you would like. Moreover, you may want to download the Bid Wars 2 Mod Apk.

mafia city mod apk

5- Multi-National Game

The game supports the PvP through its powerful servers all across the globe. So, people from different nations and languages can participate in the game. You can play against people from different countries and beat them with your super abilities. 

6- Auto-Updatable Mod

Although the game is modified, it is updateable. So, whenever the newer version comes, you won’t have to uninstall the game and lose your data. Your game will automatically update with all the mod features in it without losing data.

7- No Advertisement

Although advertisement was a way to earn money, you no longer need it as you will have unlimited money. So, we have removed the advertisement code from the game to make your experience better.

Mafia City Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Money is everything in the game. If you want more power and domination over your opponent, you need more and more money. With the money, you can buy more weapons, and vehicles and hire more crew members. These things will add up to your power and domination.

No doubt that you can earn more money with the illegal businesses you own. But for a considerable amount, you have to hold the illegal businesses at a larger scale. It takes a lot of time to reach that level.

But we have made that easy for you. You can have unlimited money from the very first day. Upgrade your power and abilities as much as you would like to. With mafia city, mod apk unlimited money, unlock every weapon and vehicle. Play PvP and beat your opponent. Dominate the game and show your power. 

With unlimited money, you will become the Godfather, and you can easily steal the banks. You can have girls with yourself and many more. 

You are provided with unlimited money to make your progress a little faster in the game, which otherwise would be very slow.

Mafia City Cheats

We cheat the game to get more money. If you cheat the mafia city, you can get a huge amount of gold like 50k and 100k. However, there are no working cheat codes that apply to the game, like the PC games.

So, for mafia city cheats, you have to opt for mafia city mod apk. This modded version is the mafia city gold hack to give you unlimited gold.

Mafia City (Gameplay Android)

The gameplay is amazing with HD graphics. You have the strongest crew members, and you fight the wars. The game has full action and a true depiction of the underground world. The weapons, the bullets, and the killings will give you the real feel.

The bases from where you are operating to become the GodFather are amazing. The game is available in all countries, and you can play PvP via servers to beat the opponent from any county.

Overall, the graphics of the game are very realistic. The gunshots, characters, vehicles, and fights all are animated beautifully. The graphics give you a feel of a whole different world.

The sound effects used are matching the game genre. The bullet sounds and the mafia sounds were up to the mark. Overall, the game is perfect. 

Download Mafia City Mod APK

Mafia City apk is modified to give you unlimited gold and money that you can use for different purposes. However, the original rights belong to the game developers. Nothing has been modified except the gold codes as it was modified in the smashing four mod apk.

The game is working fine and running smoothly. The Extreme Apk Protect team has ensured that the game is virus and hacking-free. So, without any doubt, click on the mafia city download button and install the game.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How To Install Mafia City Mod APK

Mafia city android is quite easy to install. However, you may face difficulty due to missing any step. To install the game, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: If you are an old player of mafia city, uninstall all the previous versions of the game.
  • Step 2: Now go to the setting tab. Open the Apps tab and from there allow the third party to install applications on the mobile phone.
  • Step 3: Then come to our website and click on the mafia city download button.
  • Step 4: Run the downloaded file and grant the permissions it asks for while installing.
  • Step 5: Great! Enjoy the game.


1- How to hack a mafia city game?

Ans: To hack the mafia city game, you have to download the mafia city mod apk from our website and install it on your smartphone.

2- Can Mafia City be hacked?

Ans: Yes, you can hack the mafia city and get unlimited gold by hacking. For that, you must install the modded version of the game. 

3- Is the Mafia City app free?

Ans: Yes, the mafia city app is free to download and play. However, it contains in-app purchases, and you have to pay for some features. 

Bottom Line

Mafia City is a wonderful game where you can lead a whole gang to rob the banks and kill others. However, there are a lot of chances of being killed before you kill someone. So, gather the power and rule the world. 

That’s why we provided you with the mod apk, so things become easy for you. You can have the power to beat others and dominate the game. So, if you want unlimited power, then download the game now.

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