My Secret Bistro Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Ruby, Money

My secret bistro is a unique casual game that puts you as a chef in the game, and you have to run your restaurant and decorate it. You can serve different types of dishes and cuisine. This game is the most suitable for females or males that are interested in cooking. However, my secret bistro mod apk provides you with a lot more than the normal PlayStore version.

Designing and decorating your kitchen, and getting more servers and chefs is never easy in the game. You will require a ruby and coins for that. But in the modified apk you will get unlimited ruby and coins and a lot more features.

Additional Information

GameMy Secret Bistro Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Ruby and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperWemade Connect
Size83 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkMy Secret Bistro

Features of My Secret Bistro Mod Apk

In my secret bistro, you have to design your own beautiful and creative restaurant. That’s why its features are mostly like that of a restaurant. For example, the more dishes you cook, the better your bistro will be.

However, some of the features are limited that you need. So, to enhance those features for free, we have modified the game. So, the features along with its modifications are

1- Cook Different Dishes and Cuisine

Be a good cook and make different kinds of dishes and cuisine. Then, serve the dishes and the drinks to customers as per their choice and try to make them as happy as possible.

2- Fairy Tale character as Staff

There are a few fairy tale characters in the game. You can unlock them, and they can be your Staff.

3- Help From Friends

You can connect with your friends and get some help from them to fulfill your orders. You can gather the chefs for yourself. Also, there are a lot of competitions in which you must participate. You can win ruby and a lot of stuff from there.

4- Run Your Bistro

You can manage your bistro and run it yourself. You have to unlock special servers, and you can explore different lands. You need ingredients for cooking your food. Better the ingredients, the more delicious you can cook the food. You can explore these lands for quality ingredients.

5- Unlimited Ruby and Money

Ruby and the game money are required to purchase different virtual goods and themes. To get more ruby and the money, you have to make an in-app purchase. But in our modified apk you will have unlimited ruby and money. You will get unlimited money in the covet fashion mod apk as well.

6- Bistro Decoration 

There are a lot of themes available in the game that help you in decorating your bistro. Unlock different themes and try to decorate your bistro as much as possible. The decorated bistro will attract more customers, and you can grow your restaurant. 

my secret bistro hack apk

My Secret Bistro Unlimited Ruby Hack

Ruby is the game currency of this game. No matter whichever game you play, you need to progress in the game. To progress in this game, you need to unlock more themes to decorate your restaurant well. It would help if you had different servers for serving your food. You need more chefs and different ingredients to cook some delicious foods. 

So, as your restaurant will grow bigger, you can cook more cuisine and different dishes that satisfy your customers. For developing your restaurant, you will require Ruby directly or indirectly. The ruby that you can earn from the game will be very limited, and you have to wait a lot to grow your restaurant. However, download my secret bistro mod apk from our website. You will get unlimited ruby and money in the game as our developer team has modified the game.

No Ads

There were a lot of ads in my secret bistro game. If you are irritated by the ads, then there are two solutions. Either you can purchase this game from the PlayStore, or you can download our mod apk. We have removed the ads code from this mod.

my secret bistro unlimited rubies

My Secret Bistro (Gameplay Android)

My secret bistro is a fascinating game. You are a chef that is running his restaurant. The customers visit your restaurant, and you serve them different kinds of dishes and drinks. The customer gets satisfied, and you earn a lot of money. 

There are different unexplored lands that you explore to get the ingredients for cooking different cuisine. You always look to grow your restaurant and decorate it very well with different themes. You got different servers that are very well dressed up. There are different chefs that you can have. Once the restaurant gets bigger, there can be more cuisine that you serve.

You can unlock any fairytale characters and participate in the competition. Also, you can play with friends and get their help.

The graphics of the game are outstanding. They have high-resolution graphics like board kings mod apk. The sounds used in the game are very attractive, and shrill sounds are not used. Overall the game is mind-blowing.

Download My Secret Bistro Mod APK

If you want to play games without ads and unlimited ruby, download my secret bistro mod apk from our website. We modify the game, and it is 100% virus-free and contains no hacking code. You can also cross-check it with the help of Virustotal before downloading the file. You can click on the download button to download the mod apk.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How To Install My Secret Bistro Mod Apk

Installing the game is very simple. Follow these steps to install the game on your smartphone.

  • Step 1: Click on the download button. My secret bistro will start downloading.
  • Step 2: Touch on my secret bistro downloaded file.
  • Step 3: Grant all the permissions.
  • Step 4: The game is installed. Enjoy!

Bottom Line

The game currency is always important to enhance your skills. Unfortunately, developers always provide you with limited money because this is the way they earn money. So, if you want to grow your restaurant and enhance your skill today, download the mod apk from our website. You will get unlimited ruby that you can use to do anything that you want.


1- How do you play Secret Bistro on PC?

Ans: To play secret bistro on PC, download the Nox emulator and install it. Then download my secret bistro mod apk and install it in the emulator to play the game on PC.

2- How do you get the Ruby My Secret Bistro?

Ans: You can upgrade your restaurant and participate in the competition to get more ruby. Or you can download the mod apk from our website to get unlimited Ruby.

3- How do I expand my secret bistro?

Ans: To expand the bistro, you need to purchase more furniture and decorate the bistro well, which you can do with the help of Ruby and money.

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