Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Gems

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategic game where you are a ruler of a civilization, and it depends on how you lead it. You have to conquer other civilizations and defend your civilization. However, it is difficult to do so without the rise of kingdoms mod apk as the resources are limited in the normal apk.

Unlimited resources give you the power to beat everyone. You can rule other civilizations and make the strongest army for yourself.

Additional Information

GameRise of Kingdoms Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gems and Unlocked Everything
Size110 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkRise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

About Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk

The game is very strategic. You have to design the strategy before jumping right into the game. Your civilization depends on you and how you are going to lead it. Without a proper strategy, you will lead your dominion into trouble.

The game is advanced with beautiful graphics. However, the game is difficult to play, It is because you have the responsibility to counter the external attacks as well along with keeping your people happy.


The basic purpose of the game is to gain enough power for the civilization so that it can defend itself and attack other civilizations to gain resources. You can launch wars against the other rulers and emerge yourself as a good ruler of the game.

Lothbrok and Ironside led the Vikings, which fought every civilization, and now they are in the rise of the kingdoms. You have to muster up your power and fight against them. All the battles are PvP. Anyone can join or leave the game. It is a real-time war. You can help your friend to get help from them.

There is a great map in the game using which the players can play the game. Among the 12 civilizations, you can select one for yourself, each having its architecture and design. You can make this civilization rise to power. But keep exploring. Explore old temples and forts to get an idea about your enemies and earn rewards.

You can move your troops as you like, and you can order them to fight against the enemy and command them to help your ally. You can have different commanders for different troops so you can act in different ways.

Make alliances with other players. Chat with them to discuss the strategy and offer them roles. Gain the territory and loot the resources with the help of an alliance. Fight along with your allies to gain control of the kingdom. Fight with other players and emerge victoriously. Your kingdom will rise.

There are different commanders with different powers. Each has its specialty. One commander is never enough. Try to unlock as many commanders as possible. Great commanders like Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar will help you beat your enemy, and their ranks will rise.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are supreme, with excellent sound effects to give the game the feel it should have. The game supports 1080p. However, a lot depends on your smartphone as well along with the game. Although the game encompasses the best graphics, if the resolution and display of your smartphone are not optimum, you will feel unattractiveness. In addition, you may wish to download the Last Shelter Survival Mod Apk.

rise of kingdoms lost crusade mod apk


The game is very versatile because of the number of features available in the game. Rise of Kingdom lost crusade is a multiplayer game with all the real-time battles. There are different civilizations in the game as well.

You can make different alliances with your troops and attack your opponent. These many features give complete control over the game. The chief features of the game are.

1- 12 Different Civilizations

There are a lot of different new civilizations in the game. There are around 12 different civilizations in the game. You can choose any one of them and lead them. You have to fight against the other civilizations in the game. All of these civilizations have their own special characteristics.

2- Live Battles

The battles going on in the game are live. It means that your opponent is the real player that is connected to the game via the internet. You are not going to play against any emulator or the bot. Rather all the players are real. You can join or leave the game anytime.

3- World Map

There is a world map in the game for better navigation. Different civilizations are marked on the map for their easiness. You can clearly identify your civilization and your opponents. Maps help you in preventing attacks and building a better defense against your opponents.

4- Troops and Alliances

You are the leader. So, you have the command to make the troops. Build a great army by growing your professional troops. They will help you in fighting enemies. Also, you can form alliances with the other civilizations for the collective’s defense. Since you have 11 civilizations against you, it would not be possible to survive without alliances.

5- Conquer Kingdoms

With your troops and alliances, you have got a strong army. You can now attack any weak kingdom and conquer it. Once you conquered it, you will merge it with your kingdom and rule it. To conquer the kingdoms, you need a strong army and alliances.


Although the game contains a lot of features, they have limitations. They don’t give you unlimited resources. Because at the end of the day, they have to sell their own subscriptions and resources.
But we have modified the game for you to provide unlimited resources for free. Once you installed the modded game, you would not need to purchase anything else from the game. The modifications that we have done in the game are

1- Unlimited Money

The money in the game is gems. You will get unlimited money in the rise of kingdoms mod apk. So, you don’t have to wait for the slow increments in the gems. You can have unlimited gems from day 1.

You can do anything with these gems, and you can enjoy unlimited power as you do in the kiss of war mod apk.

2- Unlimited VIP Points

VIP points are important for increasing your power and skills of combat. However, getting these VIP points is never easy. Most of the time, you have to purchase them. Rise of kingdoms cheats help you get all these VIP points without any effort. 

3- Unlimited Food

Being a leader of civilization is never easy. You have to make your citizens happy and build your army. It’s never possible without food. You have to purchase food for your army and citizens. In the modded version, there is unlimited food for you.

4- Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Gems are very necessary for the game. You cannot get the gems easily. You have to log in daily to the app and fulfill all the tasks. Only then you will be able to earn enough gems. The progression in terms of gems is slow.

So during this time, you will always fear that someone will attack you or you might lose the game. You would require months to earn enough gems to purchase anything for yourself or upgrade your character. 

Now don’t worry about the gems or wait for them. Download the rise of kingdoms mod apk now and enjoy unlimited gems and unlimited power. Develop the best army and purchase everything you like. Combat with your opponent with full power, without having a fear of losing.

5- All Commanders Pre-Unlocked

Commanders are the backbone of the game. They fight for you and lead your army on the battlefield. If you have a strong commander, you can beat the opponent easily. There are dozens of commanders in the game, each having their own 4-5 special skills.

You can choose which commander you want to lead your army and win the battles for you. The stronger your commander is, the more easily you will win the battle. You can have more than one commander, and you can switch them.

That’s why we have pre-unlocked all the commanders for you. Choose the strongest commander to lead the army and win against the other civilizations as well. 

6- All Speed-ups Pre-Unlocked

Speed-up boosters make your attack more severe and increase your power gain rapidly. You will have all the speeds ups pre- unlocked once you download the game from our website to make you dominant.

7- Unlimited Resources

To build your civilization, you need some resources like rocks, wood, oil, and many different items. In the modded apk, all these resources are unlimited. 

8- No Ads

Now, you don’t need to watch the ads to earn the rewards. We have removed all the ads, so you should not get distracted. 

Rise Of Kingdoms (Gameplay Android)

Download Rise Of Kingdoms Mod APK

The team worked hard to get for you some premium features that you would not have gotten otherwise. You have to pay for most of the features. Even if you pay them, you will not get most of the features like unlimited gems. 

The game is running smoothly and if you want, download the rise of kingdoms mod apk, which has unlimited gems, and it is 100% virus-free.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How To Install Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk

Follow these steps to install the game.

  • Step 1: Uninstall any previous version of the rise of the kingdoms.
  • Step 2: Download the modded version from our website.
  • Step 3: Run the file and grant all the permissions of a third party to install apps.
  • Step 4: The game is installed.


1- Can the rise of kingdoms be hacked?

Ans: Yes, there is a way, by downloading the mod apk uploaded on our website.

2- Is it possible to cheat in ROK?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to cheat in ROK with the modded apk.

3- Which civilization is best in the rise of kingdoms?

Ans: The best civilization in the rise of kingdoms in Germany.

Bottom Line

Games become a lot more difficult in the normal version due to limited everything. The normal version of the game will limit your power, and you will find it difficult to beat the opponent. A Modded version of the game enhances your power. So, if you want to rule the game today, then download the game now. 

Rise of kingdoms mod apk is tested before uploading on our server. It is running smoothly. If you face any issues, please report them to us, and we will fix them. 

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