Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Money

Z shelter is a survival action game in which the world has been destroyed, and now the zombies are all around. You have to survive, and you can take the help of Z shelter to keep yourself alive. However, Z shelter does not guarantee your survival as you have to gather and build all the necessary things. That’s where Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk helps you out.

Z Shelter survival mod gives you unlimited coins, weapons, and many other things required for survival. Otherwise, survival is not possible without purchasing the stuff.

Additional Information

GameZ Shelter Survival Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Weapons and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperJoy Blitz Game
Size484 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkSurvival Games: Zombie

Features of Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk

There are a lot of cool features in the Z Shelter survival mod apk. Some features are available in the normal version, but some are paid for, and you have to pay for them. The features included in the mod apk are

1- Unlimited Money (Coins)

The modified apk has an unlimited game currency, which is very important for different purposes. Since it is a survival game, you need to make different tools that will help you. It would be best if you had vehicles as well and weapons also just like you need them in the legacy of discord mod apk.

That’s why you will get unlimited money so that you can purchase all these things.

2- Unlimited Weapons

Weapons are very necessary for survival. Although you are in the Z Shelter, zombies will attack you, and you have to defend yourself. You have to collect the woods and rocks and all the required things to make efficient weapons like guns etc.

In the modded version of Z Shelter, you will have unlimited weapons. So, defending yourself becomes a lot easier, and you can survive for a longer period.

Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk 2

3- All Quests Pre-Unlocked

Quests are very important in the game. You have to find the quests and unlock all of them. Whenever you complete the mission, you earn a quest that rewards you. The reward can be any weapon or coins.

All the quests are already unlocked in the game. As you continue to unlock the quests, your level will rise. It means that you will already have all the rewards, and your level is already up.

4- Unlimited Ingredients

You cannot survive in the game without the ingredients. You have to find all the ingredients. Materials like wood, rock, fruit and many other things help you survive and unlock other items.

In the modded version, there are unlimited ingredients for your character that you can use. You can use these ingredients to create different tools that will help you do daily tasks like cutting wood or other necessary stuff. The ingredients are also required to make the weapons.

5- Dog Home and Dogs

In the modded version of the game, you will have the best dog with the best time. There will be a lot of puppies that can grow up. You can go on hunting with these dongs, and they will fight the zombies as well. 

Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk 1

6- Auto-updatable APK

Developers modify the game in such a way that its auto-update functionality is not affected. Only slight changes in the money and ingredient codes are there. So, the game is auto-updateable. Whenever a new version of the game comes, the game will update automatically, without losing mod functions.

7- No Ads

Admob ads are there in the game. Some ads are just banner ads. However, the video ads are very disturbing as they are 30 seconds non-skippable ads and give you some rewards. You have unlimited everything and don’t need any rewards. The ads are removed, and you can enjoy a non-disturbing experience.

8- Unlimited Resources 

Survival is unimaginable without having enough resources. Although you have to extract the resources yourself, there should be enough resources like wood, fruits, crops, oil, and many other resources. 

You will have unlimited resources in the game just like in iron blade mod apk. You can extract and use them to grow your powers and survive against the deadly zombies.

Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk 3

Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk Unlimited Coins:

Coins are the game currency and are very important for the game. To survive for a longer time, you need the tools and weapons. You can build tools with ingredients and weapons too. However, it would be best if you had coined for that. You have to purchase some items, and for that, you need the coins. 

All the stuff requires the coins, but the rate at which you earn the coins is quite slow in the game. You will need days to gather enough coins to develop the weapons and tools. 

That’s why you will have unlimited coins in the game. So, you don’t face any difficulty while upgrading your skills and power. 

Z Shelter Gameplay:

The world is destroyed, and zombies are ruling the world now. You have to survive in this game with your dog. The weather and the conditions are extreme, and you cannot survive without making some effort.

So, get some tools for yourself that will help you to do labor work. Cook the food and get a better dress to save yourself from hunger and cold. Zombies will attack you. Guild some weapons for yourself to kill the zombie and loot their weapons from the bodies. Rob the zombies for useful items.

Rely on the natural resources like wood, rocks, and fruits that will help you a lot. You have to loot the resources from the plunder base. You have to build a horse for your comfort and all the necessary items like a radio for information and traffic tools for traveling. 

Make your friends help you but keep an eye on the survivors as they don’t harm you. Explore the lands and fight your enemies. If you die, revive yourself.

The graphics used in the game are stunning. The Animation looks very realistic. High texture graphics are like modern PC games. The sound quality is brilliant. These qualities exactly match Azur lane mod apk.

Download Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk

Z shelter survival apk is modified by the experts to ensure the game’s smooth running and proper working. The code for the important items is modified like the coins, ingredients, weapons, etc., and nothing is modified except them.

The game is virus-free and checked by different tools. So, download the game now, and enjoy.

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How To Install Z Shelter Survival Mod Apk

Follow these steps to install the game.

  • Step 1: Uninstall the previous Z Shelter game.
  • Step 2: Allow third-party installation from the settings.
  • Step 3: Download the modified Z Shelter from our site and click on it.
  • Step 4: Grant all the permissions, and the game will install.

Bottom Line

Survival is nearly impossible without the mod features. You require all these things, including coins, weapons, ingredients, resources, and many other things. So, we provided these features in the mod apk to survive for a longer period.


1- how Do You Shower on Z Shelter Survival?

Ans: There is limited availability of resources and water. It requires you to take two water bottles to take a shower in the game.

2- Where Do You Get Water in Z Shelter Survival?

Ans: You can get the water in Z shelter from loot boxes.

3- how Do You Upgrade Your Backpack in Z Shelter Survival?

Ans: You should clear all slots of the old backpack and avail of the slots of the new backpack. 

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