Smashy Road 2 Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Money

Have you ever thought about how it feels like being wanted and running from the cops? No? Then play the smashy road wanted 2 game that gives you a real feel of being a criminal and running from the cops and different police. But it’s way too difficult. So, make a game a little easy for yourself with smashy road 2 mod apk.

With smashy road mod apk, you will get unlimited money, vehicles, and characters. So, you can run away more easily from the cops.

Running away is never easy as you need upgraded vehicles and different characters. But with smashy road hacked apk, you will get unlimited things that will make the game easy for you.

Additional Information

GameSmashy Road 2 Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Characters, Upgraded Cards and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperBearbit Studios B.V.
Size137 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkSmashy Road: Wanted 2

About Smashy Road 2 Mod Apk

The game has a beautiful story, and it is quite enjoyable, the same as tacticool mod apk. You are running from the world’s best security forces to keep yourself alive. So, let’s discuss the game more.


The story of the game is quite engaging. You are a criminal, and you are wanted by the different police all around the globe, including SWAT. But you have to keep moving and hiding from the police.

Doing that is not easy, and you will need different vehicles to run away. Luckily, you will get all the unlocked in the smashy road 2 mod apk. There are 60+ vehicles in the game. So, the more you unlock vehicles, the easier it will be for you to run away.

Each car has its features and quality level. You must upgrade them to maximum capacity so you can easily run away.

Also, there are different characters in the game that are wanted. Each of them has a different bounty level. So, you can play with any character that you like.

Along with these, you have got special vehicles and characters in the game. They will be unlocked at a particular level. They will give you more ability to run away from the police. Furthermore, as you continue to play the game, you will get different missions that you have to pass.

For every mission, you will earn some rewards that you can use to upgrade your cars. Also, you can play this game online and participate in different online competitions to make it to the top posts of the leaderboard.

Graphics and Sounds

The game’s sound quality is good, but the graphics quality is not up to the mark. Nowadays, most android games have fascinating graphics. But when you play this game, you will feel like the rough edge objects in the game.

The game is not HD and gives some pixelated images. But it never means that it is not suitable to play. Still, the graphics are suitable enough to play the game.

smashy road mod apk


Every game has its special features. Let’s discuss the features of smashy road apk mod.

1- 60+ Vehicles

Vehicles are very important in the game. As you have to run away from the police, you need more and faster cars. With more cars, you can keep changing your cars and keep running away.

With faster cars, it will be very difficult for the police to catch you. There are 60+ cars in the game that have different features. If you don’t unlock these cars, the police will easily catch you and block your way.

Also, once you unlock the car, you have to upgrade it. So, it becomes more advanced and gives you more powers.

2- 60+ Characters

There is not only one single criminal character that is running away from the police. Rather 60+ criminal characters are running away. Each of these characters has its bounty level and how dangerous they are.

Also, there is a different level of police behind them. So, if you want more fun, then unlock the more dangerous characters and play with them. More police forces will chase you, and you will enjoy running away from them.

3- 6 Mystery Vehicles

There are six mystery vehicles in the game as well. These vehicles are unlocked, but they are special and have more features. They will give you more ability to avoid the cops.

But they are special, and it is up to you to continue playing the game and unlock these special vehicles.

4- 6 Mystery Characters

Along with the special vehicles, there are special characters as well. These characters are more powerful and have a high bounty level. More police forces are wanting them.
Once you start playing with these characters in the smashy road 2 mod apk, you will feel a different level of the game.

5- Different Missions

As with every game like Z shelter survival mod apk, the smashy road wanted mod apk also contains the missions you have to complete. You need money for every task, and you will get that by completing the missions. Missions will give you more rewards.

6- Online Player

In the smashy road hack apk, you can play against different players online. You will earn rewards for every win, and you will have a mega reward if you top the leaderboard.


The game is not presented to you like it is. There are some modifications to the game. These modifications will give you more power and make it easy for you to compete in the game. The modifications are

1- Smashy Road 2 Mod Apk Unlimited Money

The game currency is required for different upgrades in the game. Money is required to upgrade the cars in the game, which will help you to hide away easily. There are different methods to earn money in the game.

You can complete all the missions and participate in online events to earn money. You can watch the ads to earn rewards. But they will never be enough for you to upgrade your cars.

So, we have bought for you a smashy road unlimited money apk, with which you can upgrade your car to maximum levels. You can purchase anything that you like and you don’t have to wait.

2- Fully Upgraded Cars

The cars are fully upgraded in the smashy road all cars apk. Also, there are 60+ vehicles in the game that require unlocking. But we have pre-unlocked all of these cars.

So, you don’t have to worry about upgrading and unlocking anymore as you will get pre-unlocked fully upgraded cars in the smashy road 2 mod apk.

3- All Characters Unlocked

There are 60+ characters in the game as well that require unlocking. Since you have unlimited money and you can do anything with that. You can unlock the characters as well. So, you can say that the characters are already unlocked.

You don’t have to put in any effort. You will get them pre-unlocked in the modded version.

4- No Ads

Ads were the source of the rewards, but there is no need to watch ads after having unlimited money. That’s why we have removed the ads from the game as well.

5- Auto-Updateable Mod

The modded apk is auto-updatable along with all of its mod features. You don’t have to look for the modded version again whenever the update comes.

Smashy Road 2 (Gameplay Android)

Download Smashy Road 2 Mod APK

You have unlimited money, along with all the characters and vehicles pre-unlocked. It is good for you to download the smashy road 2 mod apk instead of the normal version.

Our developer team has tested the game, and it is running smoothly. If you face any issues, you can report to us. Also, the Extreme APK Protect Team has checked the file with an antivirus before uploading it.

So, download the game now, enjoy the mod features and keep running away from the cops.

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How To Install Smashy Road 2 Mod Apk

Follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Uninstall the previous smashy road apk.
  • Step 2: Download smashy road wanted apk from our website.
  • Step 3: Run the file and grant all the permissions it asks for.


Final Verdict

Smashy road 2 mod apk has more features than the normal Playstore version. It makes the game a lot easier for you to play. You get more resources and features in the modded version.

So, I prefer to download the modded version instead of the normal version. Otherwise, running away from cops will never be easy for you.


1- What does the Time Machine do in Smashy Road 2?
Ans: Time machine is a legendary vehicle in the game with more durability and more speed.

2- Can you play Smashy Road 2 online?
Ans: Yes, you can play smashy road 2 online and participate in different online events.

3- Is Smashy Road Wanted 2 on PC?
Ans: Yes, you can play it on Pc by installing Bluestacks or Nox on your PC and then install the game in that to play it.

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