Azur Lane Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Ships, Shipgirls

If you are an action games fan or a role-playing game fan, you must have heard about the Azur lane game. It is an action and RPG game that gives you control over the Dorm to develop your power and beat your opponent. Azur lane mod apk makes that a lot easier for you by giving you unlimited everything.

To beat your opponent, you must have developed powers. You had to unlock the ships and ship girls to enhance your ability. So, you can quickly destroy your opponent. Developing these powers is never easy, and it may cost you a lot of dollars. But, the azur lane hack apk makes it very simple for you, as you can have unlimited powers without spending anything.

Additional Information

GameAzur Lane Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Ships, Shipgirls & Gems and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperYostar Limited.
Size53 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkAzur Lane Mod Apk

Features of Azur Lane Mod Apk

The PlayStore version of the game comes with limited powers and game currency. So, it becomes difficult for the users to upgrade their capabilities. In the azur lane mods, you will get many features that you otherwise wouldn’t have, or you had to pay for those features. The features of azur lane apk are

1- Upgraded Weapons

In the azur lane mod apk, you will have all the weapons unlocked and pre-upgraded that you can use to beat your enemy easily. To defeat your enemies, you must have upgraded weapons. Unlocking and upgrading advanced weapons require a lot of game currency (coins).

2- Ships Unlocked

To win the game and enhance your fighting capabilities, you must unlock the ships. Every ship has its specialty and power that can help you to win the war. Unlocking ships require a lot of time, effort, and money. In the azur lane hack apk, all the ships are pre-unlocked, which means you will have the ultimate power.

3- 300+ Shopgirls Unlocked

There are 300+ ship girls in the game that you can unlock and collect. Each of them can be oathed to you. It would be best if you had gems and game currency for unlocking these ship girls. In the mod apk, it is pre-unlocked, so you can swear yourself to any shopgirl that you like.

4- Building Your Own Home

You can have a very nice looking home for yourself that you can decorate as per your wish. For the decoration, you will require gems to purchase the things for your home. Azur lane mod contains unlimited gems. So, you can easily buy everything for the home and decorate it.

5- Enhanced Graphics

The game comes with a graphic pack. The graphics of the regular game might not have high resolution. But the pictures of the modified apk have a very high HD resolution, and they are apparent. If you love high graphics games, then you can try out iron blade mod apk as well.

6- Azur Lane Free Gems

The apk is modified in such a way that azur lane gems are unlimited. With these Azur Lane free gems, you can upgrade your weapons and game capabilities and purchase different things.

azur lane mod apk

Azur Lane Unlimited Ships, Ship girls, and Gems

If you are well aware of the game, you will understand that three main things are way crucial for the game:

  1. The ships are essential as they contain the power, and you need them to beat your enemies.
  2. There are 300+ ship girls that you have you unlock so you can swear yourself to your favorite shopgirl.
  3. Gems that you will use to upgrade anything.

In azur lane mod apk, all the ships and ship girls are pre-unlocked to give you ultimate power. You will have unlimited gems in the game, so you can upgrade the weapons to prepare yourself for the final battle. Also, you can use these gems for additional purchases, like purchasing home decoration items. So, with these things playing the game will become a lot easier. 

No Ads

All the game publishers on PlayStore earn their money through the game ads. But the issue is that now 30 seconds non-skippable ads are played frequently while playing the game. So, the user experience is not good at all. Our developer team has removed the ads code in the game. So, now you will enjoy an ad-free game experience.

Azur Lane Gameplay

Azur Lane is a single-player game and not a multiplayer game. It is an action and role-playing game, the theme of which is war. You have to upgrade your weapons, and with advanced weapons, you can beat your opponent. Also,300+ ships contain different powers that you must unlock to develop your capabilities.

The game is animated, and it contains 2D animation. You can control all your battles and fights. Using the warships, you can build your fleet as you progress and unlock the ships. You can create a flotilla for yourself containing six boats. Then you can use this flotilla to fight the enemy and break through their defenses.

Azur Lane (Gameplay Android)

Download Azur Lane Mod APK

The developer team has modified the Azur lane apk. The best thing is that our modified apk is 100% virus-free and contains no hacking codes. So, it is 100% safe to download and install. You can download the game by game by clicking the download button at the top. Also, all the azur lane cheats are there in the mod file to make the gaming experience easy.

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How To Install Azur Lane Mod Apk

  • Step 1: Click on the download button to download the Azur lane mod apk.
  • Step 2: Now touch on the Azur lane download file.
  • Step 3: Grant all the permission for installing the app from a 3rd party.


Bottom Line

Azur Lane is a thrilling role-playing game, but the limited capabilities make it difficult for the player to fight the strong enemy. Even enhancing the capabilities becomes a lot more difficult, and you have to make in-app purchases for that. However, enhancing capabilities and defeating the enemy has become easier with the Azur lane hack apk, which gives you unlimited everything.


1- Is the Azur Lane anime good?

Ans: Although the Azur Lane is an anime game, the quality and the graphics of this anime game are top-notch.

2- Is Azur Lane popular in Japan?

Ans: Yes, since it is an anime game, it is popular in Japan and China.

3- How many GB is Azur Lane?

Ans: The storage required for the Azur Lane game is 4GB.

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