Legacy of Discord Mod APK Download 2022 Unlimited Diamonds

Legacy of discord is an action game in which you have to play the role of God of War. The battles are PvP, where you fight the online players. Still, the resources available are not enough to beat the opponent in multiplayer. Legacy of Discord Mod Apk gives you unlimited power and resources to become the God of war and dominate your opponents.

It’s a fantasy combat game where you can play with your friends or combat in multiplayer. 

Additional Information

GameLegacy of Discord Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Diamonds, VIP15 and Unlocked Everything
DeveloperYoozoo (Hongkong)
Size95 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkLegacy of Discord-Furious Wings

Features of Legacy of Discord Mod APK

The features included in this mod apk are

1- Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the game currency in the Legacy of discord game. This game currency is useful for upgrading the power, shopping for new items, and dominating your competitor. In the Legacy of discord hack apk, you will have unlimited diamonds to upgrade your character power.

2- VIP 15 Pre-Unlocked

VIP 15 are the paid features of the game. The game diamonds do not even unlock them, and you have to pay the original money to unlock them. They are only available via in-app purchases. 

All the VIP resources are pre-unlocked in Legacy of discord furious wings hack apk. These are available for free, and you don’t have to pay for the VIP 15 resources.

3- Auto Updatable Apk

Only the diamond code and the VIP 15 code are modified in the game. No changes are made in the update code of the game. So, the mod apk will auto-update without losing the mod features of the game. The game will be auto-updated as soon as the new update comes for game.

4- Customizable

There is a lot of equipment and items available in the furious wings game store. You can purchase the items for your character and easily customize them. There are some legendary powers like Wrathwings. You can unlock them to achieve great power. 

The characters of mythical beasts are also there in the game. You can control and train them, so they should help you in the battle.

5- No Ads

There are ads in the normal version of the game. Video ads are very distracting and irritate the users. On the other hand, video ads help you to earn diamonds and gems. There is no need for video ads as we have unlimited diamonds in the Legacy of discord furious wings apk.

All the ads code is removed, and you will not see any code while playing the game. We are providing this feature for free in the mod apk. Otherwise, you would have to pay for it.

legacy of discord mod apk

Legacy of Discord Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are very necessary to upgrade your character and customize it. To customize your character, you have to purchase the items from the store. There are not enough diamonds to purchase the items from the store as the progression is slow. You will get unlimited diamonds in the legacy discord mod apk that you can use for unlimited purchases.

When you try to upgrade your character, you will need diamonds for that too. Also, for participating in the PvP battle, you need to submit a fee in terms of diamonds to win the rewards. All these things require diamonds. If you want to try some other action game, you can go with the iron blade mod apk as well.

Any unlocking requires you to have diamonds. So enjoy the ultimate power with the Legacy of discord unlimited diamonds. Upgrade the characters to maximum power and win PvP battles.

Legacy of Discord Gameplay

It is a role-playing action game. Your role is of the Ancient God named Pantheons of Aurora. So you are a god in the game, and you can find different gods that will help you boost your power.

There is a mode called guild clash. A guild is an association of 20 people, and four guilds fought the battle. The new update of the game contains aerial battles. You can fly in the sky for battles and you can rule the skies as well. You have to conquer it and beat the flying bosses.

The graphics of the game are amazing. It has very high resolution and high texture graphics. There are special effects with 3D graphics. Character animations during the fight are amazing. 

There are different modes in the game. You can opt for PvP and fight against real-world players. You can fight the bosses to dominate and rule the realm, and you can defend yourself in the game.

Download Legacy of Discord Mod Apk

Unlimited diamonds make you God of war. The expert developers have modified the Legacy of discord apk to give you unlimited diamonds and unlock the premium resources for free. The game is running smoothly. You will see no ads in the game. The game is virus-free and hacking-free tested by our team just like we tested the azur lane mod apk.

Still, if you want to check, then you can use the virus. Once you are satisfied, download the Legacy of discord cheat apk to enjoy the power.

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How To Install Legacy of Discord Mod Apk

Follow these steps for the Legacy of discord furious wings mod apk download and install guide.

  • Step 1: Uninstall legacy discord game from android.
  • Step 2: Go to the settings and allow the third party to install apps.
  • Step 3: Click on the download button to download the Legacy of discord VIP mod.
  • Step 4: Click on the downloaded file and grant all the permissions it asks for. The steps will install the game.

Bottom Line

Diamonds are very necessary to give your power. You can rely on all the mods available on our website, and you can install them. However, mods are not always safe unless the modifier is trusted. You will have an undisturbed experience with our mods.


1- How do I play Legacy of discord on PC?

Ans: First of all, download the NOX emulator and install it on PC. Then download the mod apk from our website and install it in the emulator. Then you can play Legacy of discord on PC.

2- Is Legacy of discord an RPG?

Ans: Yes, Legacy of discord is a role-playing action game (RPG).

3- What does BR mean in the Legacy of Discord?

Ans: BR stands for the battle rating, and it is the power and strength of your character. 

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